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ECIT is keen to achieve our permanent achievement in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 by providing and delivering high quality projects, support for motivated and flexible work teams, great focus. In addition, we are partners that value our relationship and are committed to dealing fairly and objectively with all suppliers, suppliers and partners. In short, we are helping them to make their services a reality

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Providing technical services and solutions in the field of business and commercial marketing, with quality, professionalism and competencies with long-standing experiences, trust and long profit

Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work

ECIT Information Technology Experts Company provides all types of consulting services ranging from information life cycle management to infrastructure enhancement and information security services and systems protection to servers in addition to architectural storage and backups.

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Industry Experience

We have experts and certified team in all development fields.

Brilliant Team

A team of experts 10-15 years in all technology fields , will help you to improve your business development.

Creative & Professional

High quality technical Standards , Security and protection of data and information.

Complex Sollutions

Electronic systems , LMS , CMS , ERP and applications management

100% Result Guarantee

Guarantee your work as , we work according to web developing standards , with perfect plan.

Our Process

  • Gathering data

    The first step in building systems to your business is gathering information and analysis ,
    in ECIT we have a professional team in systems analysis who will help you to find the best requirements to grow up your business

  • 2. Planning

    The next step is to place a business plan for developing and marketing where our professional team is able to plan and manage developing your solutions and marketing for it through social media marketing.

  • 3. Implementation

    Then we start on programming and developing your solution whether being a website , mobile app , or CMS according to the plan in the previous step, our developing team is qualified and international certified in various software branches.

  • 4. Testing

    We are working in testing our application and projects according to web testing standards where we will not publishing any project without testing

  • 5. Security Checking

    Before publishing projects we must be sure that all application is secured

  • 6. Publishing

    The final step is launching your business solution after a qualified testing and analyzing steps we complete working on your solution for any support!


We help you to start your project!