Our farm platform

It is an integrated platform for the retail and wholesale trade of crops and agricultural equipment, livestock and feed trade

It aims to enable farmers and livestock owners to market their products and increase efficiency and productivity

The platform also provides everything the farmer needs from logistics, agricultural tools, fertilizers, pesticides and feed, and connects them to the final consumer.

  • Display services for all farmers’ products.
  • The possibility of opening a special site for each farm and farms to display all its products.
  • Add the geographical location of each farm to display on the site in general.
  • The ability to display an unlimited number of products for each farm or farms
  • Each farmer can open an auction on his farm or its products.
  • The possibility of requesting the opening of a public auction by any farmer or agricultural trader on any product and it is not required that he owns a private farm.
  • Possibility to open public auctions on rare crops or rare seeds.

The platform also offers farm services available for long-term rental.

Through the platform, any user can submit an order to purchase a specific product from a specific farm or farm.

  • Agricultural Consulting Services
  • Agricultural Contracting (Farm Equipping)
  • Providing agricultural equipment, agricultural and chemical fertilizers, pesticides and public health
  • Registration services Food and Drug Authority, customs clearance – import export, shipping and transportation, packaging and storage
  • Soil testing