Leganny Committees Platform

It is an integrated system for managing committees, which is designed to automate and govern meetings, from preparing the agenda to distributing meeting minutes.

We seek to provide the best practices and administrative solutions in the management of committees from planning, organizing, delegating and controlling performance by monitoring the outputs of operations through various reports and graphs that are fully automated

All of this was built with developed interfaces that serve the Arabic language and are compatible with smart phone devices

  • Meeting schedules: 

The platform contains all the capabilities and tools necessary for arranging, coordinating and preparing meeting schedules, sending invitations to concerned persons and guests, and making sure that their attendance is recorded with ease and ease.

  • Meeting management:

The platform allows clear organization of the agenda and minutes of meetings by automating all related procedures, smoothly uploading documents, following up on outputs, and making decisions without the slightest complexity.

  • Meeting minutes:

The platform has the ability to view, review and amend draft minutes of meetings electronically and issue the final version and approve it electronically without the need to hold meetings again and issue hard copies and others.

Platform Features

Create meetings and committees

This feature is represented in the comprehensive automation of all procedures for requesting and establishing committees, scheduling their meetings electronically, and distributing roles and responsibilities to platform users according to their powers

Create and approve the agenda

The platform provides the ability to build a draft agenda step by step through an electronic form that allows the user to organize and upload attachments, invite the concerned persons, determine the appropriate time for the meeting, and submit it to the authorized person for approval

Task Management

Assign tasks and follow up the status of their completion through the system and submit related reports


Allow voting and making the necessary referendums on the decisions taken during the meetings in accordance with a governance mechanism and specific powers

Electronic accreditation

The Jani platform allows the authorized person to approve or reject committee documents and files and comment on them electronically without the need for traditional paper credits

Comments and discussions

Committee members can comment and discuss all drafts, decisions and tasks that are presented on the platform through special windows characterized by privacy and security, and in accordance with the procedures and powers followed

service level agreements

The platform procedures include service level agreements defined by the authority and are fully automated, which help in decision-making and monitoring the performance of committees in the organization

Follow up on the implementation of decisions

The platform helps the authorized person to measure the extent to which the decisions taken are implemented through fully automated reports and service level agreements that are shared with those involved in implementing those decisions.

Creating and approving the minutes of the meeting

It allows the ability to build a draft meeting minutes and write down all the discussions, dialogues, tasks and decisions that are managed during the meetings with ease, and convert them into documents and automated documents within the minutes dedicated to each meeting separately.

Security and Information Protection

Provides the highest levels of security and information protection, as all data and information available on the platform are fully encrypted and it is impossible to access it without authorization to the concerned persons and it is dealt with completely electronically


The authority holder can distribute the roles and powers of the platform users according to the authority’s approved matrix in this regard through an easy and flexible control panel, without violating privacy in controlling what can be shared or withheld with others.


The platform provides an alert feature for all procedures and is automatically integrated with e-mail, so that it helps users of the platform to follow up on updates and updates periodically.


The platform contains various reports and measurement indicators, through which performance is measured and outputs monitored for all platform procedures