Information technology systems inspection and protection services:

ECIT’s information security and cyber security experts evaluate all systems, infrastructure, networks, applications, social and wireless architectures in order to review the degree of protection of the overall systems and infrastructure in your organization.

These simulations of attacks that may occur on your organization visually document the actual attacks facing your company.

Internal and external network penetration testing services Our security experts perform tests to determine the possibility of network penetration inside and outside the network to identify potential threats and help set prevention priorities.

With the growing technology revolution and digital transformation today, and with so many new people and different devices dealing with your systems on a daily basis, you should have understood the potential weaknesses that may exist in your systems in order to remedy them and stay safe.

Wireless networks have their own risks and security problems. IT experts are testing your wireless network to see if you are experiencing these problems

ECIT Information Technology Experts Company is based on identifying security weaknesses resulting from the human factor (both physical or electronic) and providing suggestions aimed at improving your security situation and the level of training your employees and raising the degree of your security awareness in general

Our services modified to know the possibility of penetration simulate potential attacks from the real world to provide a real-time assessment of the vulnerabilities that can be exploited and the threats facing one of the systems(s) by a human or mechanical hacker

These services may include:
  • Testing a service (denial of service) and knowing the degree of its prevalence
  • Malware analysis
  • Test the possibility of penetration of the devices included in the system
  • Testing the penetration of technical platforms and applications in general
  • Some other modified tests to determine vulnerability and vulnerability