Convert all your bills into electronic transactions with a FAWATEER

Convert all elements of the tax invoice into an electronic invoice in compliance with the requirements of the Zakat Authority

Fawateer compatible with the requirements of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

It is not possible to delete invoices that have been exported from the system

Why should you choose ECIT Cloud Billing System?

  • It works on cloud technology
  • Compliance with the requirements and controls of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority
  • It is not tamper-proof and includes a mechanism to detect tampering cases
  • Connectable to external systems using the API

We know you need a system that gives you complete control over your organization’s finances. We offer a fully centralized and cloud-based Fawateer billing system, making it easy to work from anywhere and also fully customizable to your needs.

ECIT’s Fawateer invoicing system enables easy linking between accounting, inventory, order management, purchases and sales.

Integrated solutions help you follow the fawateer

Accounting: Keep your accounts

Stay on top of your accounting transactions with screens that show you reports on financial information and performance.

Inventory: Product Management

Manage inventory and products by tracking orders and sales, all in one app.

Procurement: Simplified Procurement Processes

The system allows you to manage purchases, add suppliers, create invoices, and track purchase orders.

Reports: a comprehensive dashboard

A complete control panel that allows you to know all the details of accounting and inventory operations.


ECIT Fawateer comply with all requirements of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, and it is easy and flexible and covers all types of commercial activities. The system can be benefited from by subscribing to cloud packages.

Smart Features for ECIT Fawateer

  1. reports : Discover essential insights and analytics with data-packed reports.
  2. control panel : Control every element of your business with smart, fully customizable dashboards.
  3. history record : Fawateer helps you keep track of changes made by users to bills or services.
  4. system setting : You can easily and easily customize your billing settings
  5. integration : The system helps you connect all internal systems and electronic payments

Subscription packages


1500 riyals /year

1 users
Unlimited bills
Unlimited number of products


5500 riyals /year

5 users
Unlimited bills
Unlimited Products
Add your customers to the system


9999 riyals /year

Unlimited number of users
Unlimited bills
Project Invoice Management
Managing clients and marketers
Unlimited Products