Design and development of electronic stores:

Execution time: 1 week | Customer: Customer’s name | Project name: E-shop

An online store to display and sell your products in a professional and impressive way to your customers and add the possibility of electronic payment

Our mission: Professionally design and develop an online store in addition to an appropriate logo if the customer does not have a logo and an account for managing the store completely so that the customer can modify the store, manage products and orders, and follow up on requests

It is characterized by a distinct, professional design, easy browsing, and facilitating the purchase process with multiple methods of electronic payment

  • A home page containing an introduction and some newer products to be added
  • List of all pages and categories
  • Categories of products, pictures and information about each category
  • Shopping status, view all products and the ability to add to cart
  • A page to display the shopping cart with the ability to delete products or modify the number of units required
  • The ability to purchase in multiple ways for electronic payment according to the customer’s vision, the ability to add comments and evaluation for each product
  • About us page to introduce the store, goals and vision, Contact us page containing contact data, e-mail and a map to clarify the site, terms and conditions page and privacy policy for the site

Ease of managing the site, adding screens, and following up on customer purchase requests and their data

  • Modification and deletion of all pages of the site
  • Adding, modifying and deleting all categories, for all products, for products and adding them within one or more categories
  • Editing and deleting all news
  • View site users’ ratings and comments and control their publication, all purchase orders from customers with the ability to modify them, customer data and contact data with them
  • Follow up on orders and whether the payment and purchase process has been completed
  • You can count on us to create your online store professionally and quickly in implementation and support experts in the field of design and development of electronic stores and software development in general
  • We also offer a free domain and host for the first year