CRM Customer Relationship Management System :

Latest professional CRM system for customer service management

CRM provided by ECIT IT experts is the latest system for managing customer relationships and their interactions with its services and products.

  • CRM system for marketing management
  • CRM system for sales development
  • CRM for warehouse and project management
  • CRM for customer service and technical support
  • Marketing Customer Service Management System
  • Automate marketing processes to save time and effort
  • Provide greater insight into potential and existing customers
  • Implementation and monitoring of social media campaigns
  • Implementation and follow-up of email campaigns
  • Implementation and management of SMS campaigns

The CRM system allows you to connect it to the cloud call center system to make and receive as many simultaneous calls as possible or if you have an 800 number that you use to make and receive calls for your organization

The system provides the unified number 9200 and the number 800 with many advantages:

  • The ability to record calls and save them to the system
  • Multiple packages and options
  • The ability to operate the IVR automatic response service
  • Possibility to operate the voice mail service
  • Possibility to make group calls
  • Possibility to activate the waiting feature and record calls
  • Activate WhatsApp Business API with your unified number
  • Communicate with an unlimited number of your customers
  • All your employees use the service
  • Auto chat bot
  • Link your email accounts (Gmail)
  • Add multiple WhatsApp and social media accounts
  • Add a Connect button to your website

SMS service

Communicate with as many of your target customers as possible using the SMS service:

  • lowest price
  • Send SMS on behalf of your organization
  • Bulk SMS or individual messages
  • Divide customer lists into groups with tags
  • Sending through the call center system or CRM
  • The ability to connect API with different systems
  • Direct customers to your website or mobile app
  • Detailed and periodic statistics and reports on consumption